Joseph Segaran Amsterdam postcard

If you are on this page then you have most likely bought or received one of my Amsterdam postcards.

Oude Turtmarkt 141, 143, 145 & 147, Amsterdam

From an original hand-drawn drawing
By Joseph Segaran

Buildings: Herengracht 555, Prinsengracht 610,
Herengracht 84 & 529 & Singel 412, Amsterdam

From an original handcut papercut
By Joseph Segaran

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Buildings: Singel 410, Keizersgracht 170, Singel 97,
Herengracht 137 & Keizersgracht 274, Amsterdam

From an original handcut papercut
By Joseph Segaran

happy valentines one and all. i am having a romantic dinner (yes, i cooked it)


so at villa zeezicht on the singel, there is no zicht op de zee, but there is a really wonderful view over the sluis with some builtiful amsterdam buildings. and what a lovey fresh crisp winter's day it was today to enjoy a koffie verkeerd and watch the world go by...

jerusalem artichokes

the veg in question


the finished prodcut - cream of jerusalem artichoke soup (jerusalem artichokes, potato, leek and onion) served with turkish sesame simit (tulips optional, but rather recommended)
the finished prodcut - cream of jerusalem artichoke soup (jerusalem artichokes, potato, leek and onion) served with turkish sesame simit

today i made cream of jeruslam artichoke soup. about 3 years ago, i found out that jerusalem artichokes are called 'aardpeer' in dutch. this translate as 'earth pear', which i assume is to differentiate it from 'aardappel', which, literally 'earth apple', means potato. (you say potato, i say potato... but that is another story alltogether...) anyway, this made me love the idea of jerusalem artichokes even more. you can imagine how excited I was when I finally came across them and found out they are not even an artichoke, but a root vegetable. (well maybe you cannot imagine how excited i was, but anyway). would you like to know how i made it? read on:


1kg jerusalem artichokes
2 potatoes
1 leek
6 onions
1l stock


fry the onions and leeks in some butter until soft and golden.
add the peeled and diced potatoes and jerusalem artichokes.
add the stock and bring to the boil.
once boiling, reduce the heat, put on the lid and simmer for 1 hour.
blend it all and add cream if that tickles your fancy.
serve with bread. i chose turkish simit.

brietner gevoel

whenever i see amsterdam all opgebroken and with buildings demolished and new things being built, it reminds me of breitner's wonderful paintings. this one is just behind the elandsgracht in the jordaan. i wonder what was here. i wonder what will come here...

urban jungle blogging

a friend of mine has a lovely blog, which i enjoy looking at - full of crafting mixed together with thoughts and her family life. (she has a very beautiful family and i think might be quite a romantic like myself) i was looking at the blog the other day and she was on about urban jungle bloggers. well, i just love that name. urban jungle bloggers. it conjours up all sorts of images does it not? i assume it just means anybody in a city, who owns a plant or two and blogs. well, having a garden and more than one house plant and this blog, i am now considering myself an urban jungle blogger. i got a couple of cuttings a year or two back and have been trying my best to nurse them. i have so far been quite successful and so as she is always going on about succulents, i decided to treat myself to one. succulents are her favourite plant. the dutch call them 'vetplanten' (fat plants!) this is mine. i love his shade of green. handoms, no? apparently , according to gio, plants should be photographed with either cups of tea of coffee on blogs. i forget why now, but here is my photograph. strong black coffee. a dash of milk. a glass of cool water. go and check out gio''s fabulous blog here:  and also these two for some urban jungle blogging hilarity: and look out for more urban jungle blogposts from me soon...

p.s. gio interviewed me once for her blog. you can see that here:
crafty people


oh atlas. i do so love you. you are all over the place, but i think in t paleis you are the most beautiful.

chandeliers in t paleis

today i went to the royal palace on the dam and actually just because i fancied seeing some grand chandeliers. i did not leave disappointed! 


whenever i walk along the buiksloterdijk, i always wonder on which side of the sloot would i rather live. in a little old wooden zaanshuisje with a view of ugly shoe box eighties buildings, or in a moden eighties building looking over to a row of wooden gabled dijkhuisjes. oh i honestly do not know which i would choose! can i have both?

some rows...

i used to take so many photographs of rows of buildings, but i feel like i didn't the last few months, so i am getting back into it. here are a couple. the first is along the singel and the second along the keizersgracht. mooi he? i always admire the combination of the four gables on that first picture. and on the second one, you can see that funny wooden bit between the two buildings. half filling a gap and just wonderfully wonky. gosh, i do love amsterdam.

3 photos

today, i did not do much, but i took a little stroll along the buiksloterdijk, just to get out of the house and get some fresh (oh my, what a wind!) air. i took some photographs along the dijk. do you see the little cat in the window in the last photograph. ahhhh!


normally, i don't like those silly graffiti stickers you see all over the city, but this one made me smile. anything with vincent on it does.

a little bit sad

you know i love noord, i really do. but i must say, these streets do sometimes make me a little bit sad. this street just misses a heart and soul. that blue is a little depressing and the yellow, a supposedly joyful colour, is just really not making me joyful! sigh. i reckon when these buildings were first built, it was a redish exposed brick and much more gezellig. i hope that the spring brings a little green to the trees so that it is all a little bit more vrolijk!

prayer plant

another example of the wonderfulness of instagram and the internet. i bought this when it was just one leaf because i liked the colours. i did not know what it was and there was no label on it. (i of course did not think to ask the man in the shop!). i took him home and put it in a pot and kept him in the kitchen. over time, he has sprouted more and more leaves and i am very happy with him. however, i started noticing that some days he looked a bit sad. as if the colour had drained out of the leaves and they were droopy. i wanted to look up what plant it was online, so that i could make sure i was looking after him properly - you know, too much water, not enough etc etc. instead, i took this photograph and posted it on my instagram asking if anybody knew what it is. within moments a lovely lady who i follow on instagram replied (her name is hazel, she lives in singapore, has green fingers and cooks up the most wonderful things in the kitchen - you can see her page HERE

anyway, it turns out it is a 'prayer plant'. in the day time the leaves are flat, and in the evening, they fold up. cool, right? now i have read all i can about him and i will look after him as best i can.

street furniture

you know, amsterdam really does have a lot of street furniture. everywhere! but sometime it really is very pretty. in the sparndammerbuurt, near to het schip, there is an outdoor exhibition of lots of amsterdam school style street furniture. here are three beauties.


At the Houthavens in Amsterdam West when I first moved to Amsterdam was a lovely row of old houseboats and here the #letterboxes for the people who lived there. Now that they have all gone, this #postbox looks a little but sad. All the names remain, but the people long gone...

some thank yous

ahhhhh christmas pressies. i do love them. especially when people buy you things that they know you will love. a cofirmation that they really do know you. i always like to send thank you notes, so here is a glimpse of a couple i sent out. to my brother and sister.


so christmas and new year are both over and amsterdam says 'thank you, it was fun, but i can't be bothered anymore so i will throw my rubbish into the streets....'

new year

this new year, i went with a friend to a glitter party in paradisso. my phone was playing up, so we could not take many photographs. this is a glimpse. imagine more glitter and sparkle! happy new year!

seaons greetings from amsterdam 2014


i have just been so busy that it was actually not that funny. i had just enough time to make a quick seasons greetings sketch of the waag under snow. merry christmas to all my fans! looking forward to 2015!

3 photos

i was walking along the haarlemmerstraat/dijk today (yes, i still do not know the difference) and i took three photos. you cannot really see, but the last one has a statur of a unicorn on the facade of the building. yes, a unicorn. i actually screamed out loud when i saw it. i will go back to get a better photo soon. 'till then here is a close up (allbeit bad quality):

(what a shit picture, i prommise to get you a better one soon!)