ook vies

when they were building the new film museum i was a bit worried about the choice of material and thought it would probably get all dirty when it rains. whatever the material is, it seems more suited for spain or some other dry country. and white is not really the colour af amsterdam. and i was right! see here. amsterdam is a cold,r rainy city and full of lovely brick buildings. i wish they would use that as a basis when creating new buildings in amsterdam.

they also built the new stedelijk in a similar material, but i am not yet sure how this is going... (note to self - go check this out - we've had a rainy winter!)

today, i cycled past the buildings along the ijpromenade/overhoeks in amsterdam noord. i remember them being built just 2 years ago and thinking something similar - nice clean lines and marble and shiney white materials. lovely - FOR THE SOUTH OF FRANCE! oh oh yes, they are not ecaxtly chique and glamerous now are they after a couple of rainy years...

please build something out of red and brown bricks with creamy-white wooden details and yet modern. please. no more shiny white 'futuristic' buildings please.

thank you.


i was not going to ever complain on this blog.

but i did.

sue me.

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