i was chatting with a friend the other day and i was saying how much i love the little culinary traditions the netherlands has. not culinary in the sense of the french 'eat-everything-that-breathes-and-then-raw-and/or-covered-in-garlic' sense and not in the italian 'oh-my-gosh-that-is-so-divine' sense and not even in the asian 'wow-wow-wow-explosion-of-taste!!!' sense, but just in the good old dutch 'gewoon' sense.

i love jenever. i love choosing either oud or jong (i still do not know which i actually prefer, though i alawys go for old, as old works well with cheese and wine, right?) (and koud of van de plank. i choose van de plank because 'het klinkt wat chiquer')

i love that when you order it, they bring the glass and put it down in front of you, they also bring the bottle and they pour it into the glass until it is just a little bit too much and the top almost flows over the glass. the ceremony is that you bring your head down to the level of the glass and you take a big sip. (don't make a mess!). 

i like to follow my genever with a nice cool glass of beer.

i do not often drink jenever at home, but i have just treated myself to a nice big bottle of bols, so i think i will make it a regular sunday night thing... 

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