today was open toren dag in amsterdam

i only just found out yesterday, so i was too late to book one of the tours, which is a shame. all the same, i set off early to visit some of the towers individually. 

i started at the zilveren toren. i did not know until today that it is called the zilveren toren, but i have always loved it and often wondered if it were possible to go up to the top floor to get a good view of the city. and my what a view! there was a little mist over the city and a sense that it was still waking up as i looked out across the canals and the other towers.

to my great dismay i was too late for the oudekerkstoren as it was already sold out for the day and i have still never managed to get up there. 

my second toren was the beurs van belage. it is quite a treck up a tiny wooden staircase to the top, but again, the views are most rewarding. especially looking over to the oudekerk.

the last toren did not really feel like a toren and was 20th floor of the m√∂venpick hotel. it is a shame to be so high and that there is no restaurant or bar or some way to stand and look out as the views are really pretty amazing. instead you can only look out from one side, and the space seems to be used as some sort of workshop/storage place. the glass has a film over it to stop the glare of the sun, which also makes sure the views are a little blurry. what a shame. nevertheless, it was wonderful to be able to look out over amsterdam noord (i could nearly see my house) and watch the little ponts crossing over the ij from noord to centrum.

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