14th april

i have lived here in buiksloot/floradorp for 2 years now and i have it prima naar mijn zin. i really do love it. sometimes i have to get used to the idea that i do not live in a grand canal house on one of the central canals or in a small coetshuis from the 16th century (as has always kind of been my dream), but away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the city (15 minutes on the bike) is this little viillage. my village. very much part of amsterdam, but at the same time so far away and different. i especially notice this as i walk along the buiksloterdijk and enjoy the lovely little dijk huisjes (looking over to the slightly less attractive buildings of floradorp) and the water and the trees and the green, the sound of the bells of the buiksloterkerk chiming and the frogs and the birds and ow ow ow wat is leven toch heerlijk!

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