something lovely

every time i pass this little garden, i stop and take a look as it changes all the time. whoever owns it has made sure that at every point in the year there are bursts of colours and points of interest. in a row where everybody else has paved their front garden and let the weeds grow through, this owner has really taken care of her front garden and it brightens my day.

as i stopped to take a photograph this morning to oput on the blog, a lady stepped out of a car and gave me a suspiciouslook. i asked her if it was her garden and she nodded. i told her how much i enjoyed it and her face lit up. she told me the names of plants i did not know and how well they did here in the soil of amsterdam noord and we bonded over a love of ouderwets plants like vingerhoedskruid, ezelsoor and vrouwenmantel. she then walked into the garden and ripped some plans up and gave them to me. she said they grow like mad with little pink blooms and just stick 'em in the ground. i forget what she said they were called, but i stuffed them in my bag and said goodbye and went on my way.

how lovely!

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