ATC and me

do you know what an atc is? an artist trading card! i cannot be bothered to explain away, but go and google it. it is basically the size of a credit card and made by an artist. you send it in the post to another artist and you get one back in return. i heard about them via instagram and did some with some friends. i also did one with somebody i do not know, but who follows me on facebook.

anyways, i got this beauty through the post. based on my instagram posts of my artwork, my pink versace suit, my bike and self portrait photos, she made this lovely little drawing of me enjoying amsterdam. the only thing is i do not own a bag like that, but she must know me well (without knowing me) because i would LOVE a bag like that.*

check out her work at the little portrait company

*my friend and i were talking about this atc and he said he had a bag like that, which he no longer uses and he gave it to me.

i love life!

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