shell toren no more

i must say, i lived in amsterdam 5 years before i really took notice of the shell toren, so i guess that is a little bit naughty.

 when i moved to noord, the shelltoren was of course one of the first things that caught my eye, but by then it was in it's green scaffolding covers and i could not enjoy it's full glory. i knew that underneath it had these interesting copper windows (i had either seen a photograph, or remember it from my first few days in amsterdam back in 2006) and i was always excitied to see the day that they would remove the scaffolding, to reveal a newly rennovated shelltoren. 

i try to keep up with what is going on, so i have seen plans for an extension on the top floor, which sees the crown of the shelltoren removed and a big skydeck like construction at the top. sad, i thought, but maybe, just maybe i could live with it. today, as i took the pont from the overkant to centrum, i could have shed a tear. the copper windows are being taken out. i am almost certain they will be replaced with some kind of glass that reflects everything around it, making the building anno 2014. and now that the crown has gone, i feel like the shelltoren looks like some great king of days gone by, stripped and humiliated in front of the whole city, please please please make something amazing out of this building that was perfectly cool and standing proud next to that horrible eye crap!


rant over.

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